It's only 9 months... but it feels like Maternity...

Now Known As Postnatal Oppression

Sunday, September 10, 2006

This thing hates me. I have been throwing up, or trying to throw up, or trying not to throw up, the whole week. Chilli con carne in reverse is not right. My Mum said to me "But why are you being sick? I was never sick." So in her mind I'm already doing something wrong, colour me hugely fucking surprised there.

Everyone at work knows now, they are all very excited (or very good at pretending), and the stories/advice/threats ("You'd better have a girl") are flowing freely. Example:
Them: "You shouldn't be carrying that box of heavy stuff about you know."
Me: "I'm alright."
Them: "No, but you really shouldn't."
Me: "Well I don't see anyone else offering to carry it for me."
Them: [walking hurriedly in opposite direction]
Me: [continuing to carry box of heavy stuff]

Another woman-at-work's-daughter is about a month further along than I am, so her mum is passing on to me from her all the cool weird baby stuff she's found, like baby hammocks and baby buckets I wonder when I will actually want to buy any baby stuff? At the moment it all seems rather complicated and unnecessary and I would rather look at digital SLRs.

I have to go and see Dr. Onymous tomorrow. I can't remember why, or if he said I had to see him or go and see the midwives at the clinic (the location of which I have no idea). So neither of us are going to know what I'm doing there tomorrow. Seriously, it's the blind leading the blind...


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