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Friday, August 11, 2006

Weird pregnancy happenings that the books say I should have had and I have:
- feeling queasy/gone off a few foods
- little bit sore in the boob area
- that's it.

Weird pregnancy happenings that the books say I should have had and I haven't:
- feeling tired all the time
- weeing a lot
- metallic taste in my mouth (what?)
- hair going all nice and shiny
- huge mood swings
- constipation

Handy hint for anyone buying pregnancy tests: Get them in Wilkinsons or Savers. They're half the price of anywhere else and they're the proper ones, not made out of cheese or anything.

If I hadn't done the wee-stick thing I wouldn't have a clue. I'm not certain that anything's actually going on in there to be honest. I may just have a stomach bug.

Ahh, the wee-stick. What a strange moment that was. I'd done it, and then I forgot I'd done it and wandered back into the bathroom about 15 minutes later. When I saw it from the doorway I thought "shit that looks like..." and then I thought "Oh. Shit." And then shook it just in case it'd got stuck or something. No such luck.

I would say I felt 50% surprised that I could get pregnant - never having gotten pregnant in the past I was beginning to assume I couldn't, and was fairly ambivalent about it; 45% shocked/not best pleased (as I had again assumed it was going to take a lot more trying than that, and I had ages left before I seriously had to deal with ideas of babies) and 5% quite pleased - fair enough, we had been trying, and I do like to succeed at things.

My husband works shifts, so I had to wait for him to get home, then I lulled him into a false state of security by giving him his dinner and a cup of tea (that should have set the alarm bells ringing straight away), and then made him close his eyes and hold out his hand, then dropped the test into it. He thought he was going to get a bar of chocolate, so he hid his disappointment quite well, saying "Oooh. That's good!" and then "Isn't it?", not being sure of what he was supposed to say/do. Then "Urgh, you've weed on this."

My mum's reaction was even better, I told her I had a surprise for her and she said "Oh, have you won the lottery?!" So that took the wind out of my sails a bit, I felt really disappointed that I hadn't and that I was just up the duff.

When I went to visit my doctor, let's call him Dr. Onymous, I must have seemed not at all pleased, as the first thing he asked me was if I wanted to go through with it. I was rather taken aback, but then confirmed that yes, me and the husband were quite happy to press on with it all. My doctor is a bit vague most of the time. I had to see the nurse a couple of weeks later for blood tests and it was she who filled in my form so I can get free stuff off the NHS, and gave me my 'Emma's Diary' pack. Reading that diary is one of the reasons I'm doing this. The info in there is great, but she really got on my tits.


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