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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So yeah, 20 week scan then. I must say, it's starting to feel like I have been up the duff for ages but 20 weeks is only just over half way. How rubbish.

We went down there, and I was bursting for the loo again, but this time for a poo. I was really worried that they would be able to see it all on the screen, and I'm not sure they didn't and just didn't want to say anything. I couldn't go beforehand because I was meant to have a reasonably full bladder, not as much as last time but a couple of drinks' worth, and I knew if I went to the loo I'd wee as well. Ahem. Anyway...

More cold blue jelly, and 2 sonographers this time, 1 doing the doing and 1 writing stuff down. She said "Still just one in there," which made me wonder if they often have it where it's multiplied since the last time they looked? It was much bigger - not enough room for headspins any more. I was right about the moving around, because I could actually see it happening now and it felt exactly the same. It was trying to punch and kick me this time. Thank you, you evil little scrote.

There was a lot of measuring going on, I thought she was measuring its head for ages but apparently she'd switched half way through to measuring its body. Oops - from my angle it all looked the same. 2 arms and 2 legs, the right length, with requisite fingers and toes so all good there. The husband did say that a 3rd arm would have been quite useful, but, alas, it was not to be. Then she did a very freaky thing and had a look inside its heart. We could see the chambers and the valves pulsating away.

She then wanted to measure its spine but it was lying on its back being awkward, so I was told to go for a wee (?) While I was there I parked my breakfast as well, then had a jump up and down and did a few hulas. I went back in, they had another look and the sonographer said "Oh, what a co-operative child" as it'd turned right over and she could take all the measurements of its spine that she needed. Well, you'd move too if that was going past your head wouldn't you?

Right at the end I was shown some charts and told that it was right in the middle of Normal for everything, which they like, and that it has a rather fat belly. Hmmm. It is now about 6 inches long from head to bum - "Kitten size" as the husband said. I got another pic, not as clear this time as it wouldn't stay still enough. Oh and I have to go back for another scan at 34 weeks as apparently my placenta is a bit low, but it'll probably move by then. Move? They move? Urgh.

Bit sad today as I just registered the births and deaths of twins (that's what I do for a job), who only made it to 22 weeks, and only lived for 10 minutes. Makes me feel a bit uneasy, being at 20 weeks. The mum and dad were very calm and brave about it all. Also, I think I just registered the husband's auntie's death (we don't have a lot to do with that side of the fambly). It is a Very Weird Day today.


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