It's only 9 months... but it feels like Maternity...

Now Known As Postnatal Oppression

Thursday, October 19, 2006

When I laughed at the Husband for hitting his head on the cooker hood again (every time! You'd honestly think some primitive instinct would kick in and make him duck), in a menacing tone of voice he told me, "In four and a half months, when you're in pain, I will be laughing at you." I said that they would throw him out of the room. He replied "I can still look through the window, and I will point and laugh even more loudly, so you can hear me."

Boobs are definitely a bit bigger. A lot of my bras are really just decoration now, there is no actual containing going on. However much I may have wanted larger norks in the past, I've changed my mind - they totally get in the way, my t-shirts are riding up, and I can't run with them. Oh and they are too heavy. The Husband keeps 'measuring' for me and, unsurprisingly, seems very happy. The nips look a lot better now though, the whole Zinger Tower burger effect seems to have calmed down and they're going back to the colour they should have been. Sorry, but people need to know these things.

Belly: not really any bigger. If I need a wee (which I have to admit, I seem to rather more than normal) then in the right light, you might possibly think there was a bumpiness going on, and it feels about as hard as when you've had a Christmas dinner. Other times (post wee) I would say I just look like I've only just finished my tea. But starting to feel a bit bloaty. Could be spawn. Could be Fig Rolls.


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