It's only 9 months... but it feels like Maternity...

Now Known As Postnatal Oppression

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's an active little bugger, I have to say. It let me know when Mozart had finished (last night's chosen CD being played through my belly to it) by kicking me lustily in the bladder. It also responded to the husband blowing raspberries on me, by kicking (or punching) hard enough that I could feel it with my hand, verrrry freaky!

It's complete open season on my size now, I can hear people discussing me when I'm not actually in the room and I'm being treated like a Good Luck Buddha with the amount of belly-rubbing that seems to be happening. I am honestly not that big but you'd think I was an abnormal elephantine circus show exhibit. Although I have also been told that I am "blooming" (yet another thing people think they have to tell pregnant wimmin - does this mean I was a haggard-looking shell before? I haven't noticed anything different), and that my boobs are fab. Heheh.


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