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Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm in trouble...

OK what happened was: I was upstairs in the study, sorting stuff out in there today (I was NOT nesting, I completely deny any suggestion to the contrary. Yes, I completely refiled about 5 years worth of bank statements, tax documents, payslips, work correspondence etc, and yes everything is a lot tidier and more accessible, but that's just sensible planning. Not nesting) and while I was doing all that I was lonely and wanted the cats to keep me company. Normally, they are not allowed upstairs, but I thought it would be alright just this once.

Before I knew it, the Husband came home from work and found Carrot (or Mister C as he likes to be known) asleep in the brand new, unwrapped bassinet that the spawn is supposed to sleep in (when he finally deigns to put in an appearance). He was sort of suspended above it as he was asleep on the plastic. I laughed lots until the husband threatened to tell on me to our mums and everyone else who has warned me that cats sleep on babies.

This is why the cats aren't allowed upstairs.


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